No matter what he may say,
one thing is for sure...



Joe Kent thinks deregulating healthcare would lower costs and increase access. He’s dead wrong. Far from reducing the insurance industry complexity or lowering medical drug prices, research has shown that deregulation made both problems worse by allowing the formation of monopolistic networks of hospitals and providers who use advertising and other business and financial practices to control markets and stifle competition. 

Furthermore, the insurance industry has been allowed to set high co-pays and deductibles under the false guise of their “administrative costs”. The only way the US Healthcare system is going to be fixed is by heavily regulating insurance industry administrative hijinx as well as for-profit provider financial practices. One sure way to do that is by creating a single-payer healthcare program that would save enough money it could easily provide healthcare to ALL Americans, and not just those who can afford high priced medicine like Joe Kent and the rest of the GOP propose.

Let's be 100% honest. Joe Kent lies when he says he supports women. The fact is Joe Kent is a hard right extremist Republican. His views are in line with the radical party policies and legislation that are wide-scale efforts to restrict women's rights, especially reproductive rights.

Joe Kent is perfectly fine with denying women access to reproductive health services, particularly birth control and abortion services, no matter how much it may save a woman's life. He is all for denying an abortion in the case of rape, or bringing criminal penalties against rape victims who seek abortions.

As for workplace discrimination against women, equal pay scales and protecting women from abuse, Joe Kent makes sure to tow the GOP line and quickly change the topic whenever he's asked about it.

We guess his outrageous lies about those topics would be too obvious to ignore.

While conspiracy minded Joe Kent is off tilting at the windmills of ridiculous culture wars, businesses and workers in the Pacific Northwest sink deeper into debt and ruination. Does Joe Kent offer any plans on how to bring good paying high tech jobs, manufacturing jobs, or small business incentive zones to anywhere in Washington District Three?

No. Instead of proposing real changes that would help to lift up the income of Washington businesses and workers, Joe Kent is too busy spinning Trump and Q-anon lies about mythical boogiemen coming after your children, or fiddling with our elections. We don't need a divisive, conspiracy nut like Joe Kent. He's obviously more concerned with dog whistle issues than with the reality of actually helping to grow Washington businesses or get workers better pay, good jobs, or affordable housing.

Joe Kent thinks your children shouldn't learn the TRUE history of the United States regarding Slavery, the Civil War, or Black Americans' civil rights struggle. He also thinks your children shouldn't learn how immigration and the labor movement made this country great. He also thinks they shouldn't learn about the women's suffrage movement, women's rights or even about the functions of their own bodies. Furthermore, Extremist Joe Kent doesn't want your children to learn about other religions or cultures. Joe Kent wants your children to stay ignorant so that he and the Republican party can brainwash them with Racist Nationalist Demagoguery.

Joe Kent's kind of radical extremism only breeds more hate and violence, which as history has shown, destroys countries and democracies.

Joe Kent's authoritarian censorship has no place in truly honest, educational programs, especially at a time when American children are quickly falling behind the rest of the world in all areas of higher education. Our children will face a future fraught with huge problems that'll have to be solved by open, highly educated minds. Joe Kent and the Republican's agenda will only guaranteed more closed minds and more problems in that future.

Joe Kent thinks rolling back environmental regulations is going to help the Timber and Fishing Industries. But he's lying to the workers in these industries if he doesn't recognize the impact that Climate Change is having on these industries.

While logging is a worthwhile sustainable resource, the fact is that logging does little to actually prevent forest fires since logging doesn't remove the underbrush debris which feeds fires. In actuality, forest fires burn hotter and wider under these debris strewn industry managed lands. If Joe Kent was honest with Loggers, he'd fight for the proper management and use of prescribed burns on federal lands as well as better logging industry land management.

When it comes to Fishing, Joe Kent ignorantly avoids the overwhelming evidence that over-fishing and Climate Change is harming the fishing stock more than illegal Chinese fishing. While illegal fishing should be harshly dealt with, the fact that Climate Change and the warming waters of the sea are killing BILLIONS of ocean creatures and their offspring.

It's only through very careful oversight of fishing will we even hope to preserve this important resource on our planet. But instead of doing the hard work to admit the truth to Pacific Northwest Fishermen, Joe Kent prefers to keep peddling the same climate denialist LIES of his predecessor, Congressperson Jaime Herrera-Buetler.

While Crazy Joe Kent is searching under his bed for fictional Antifa members, he's actually under the bed covers with REAL Domestic Terrorists like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, who are perpetuating real violence and the de-stabilization of our government!

He states he backs law enforcement but he's openly lying to them through his support of an insane country-wide Constitutional Carry/concealed carry permit. This lunacy will only lead to more guns getting on the streets and more gun deaths. One only has to look to Wisconsin to see how badly the concealed carry permit created more assaults and more gun deaths. If gun nut Joe Kent were serious about supporting Law enforcement, he'd be in favor of real background checks and giving law enforcement agencies the discretion to deny permits, thereby keeping more guns from getting into the wrong hands. But apparently Joe doesn’t care about the safety of Washingtonians or their law officers.

Joe Kent is lying to his children if he thinks relying on more oil and gas drilling will save his kids from a quickly heating world due to fossil fuel driven Climate Change. While Energy Independence is a great idea, his approach is incredibly wrong-headed. He apparently believes the lies told to him by own party regarding their collusion with Oil and Gas companies to keep plundering and polluting the world for the sake of shared greed.

Joe Kent also seems to believe the lies of auto industry lobbyists. The Auto Industry could easily help increase our country's Energy Independence by making cars and trucks, especially trucks, with improved technology to have higher MPG standards, but the auto industry won't implement these changes unless Congress forces them. Joe Kent should open his eyes and see that the move to more renewable and less polluting technologies such as electric or hydrogen fuel cells furthers that independence goal more the fossil fuel drilling ever will.

Joe Kent further LIES when it comes to saying U.S. energy independence should rely on nuclear energy. He foolishly thinks it’s clean, safe and affordable.

It isn't.

Aside from the obvious problem of where to store used nuclear reactor waste, The average nuclear power generating cost is about $100 per megawatt-hour. Compare this with $50 per megawatt-hour for solar and $30 to $40 per megawatt-hour for onshore wind. Renewable energy from Wind and Solar has been proven time and again to be safer and cleaner than nuclear energy, but we guess Joe Kent would rather that Washington State have more polluted Hanford nuclear waste sites than admit he's lying about his energy plan.

Sadly, it’s his children and their children that will have to deal with the awful consequences of his misguided energy lies.


No matter how much Joe Kent LIES,
there’s one BIG TRUTH:

Joe Kent IS A LOSER and DOESN’T represent the majority of Washingtonians and is the WRONG choice for Congress!

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